Most modern and powerful – The manufacturing at FRIESE

Our most modern machine park is the basis of their quality and reliability of our products. New developments come to reality without any compromise.

The manufacturing completely takes place in our own house.

Special in-house know how is a big value for us: We are the only supplier in Europe with the equipment for Tungsten Carbide Coating in-house.

The whole process of corrugating roll manufacturing including coating and honing of the ROCKWELLE® is done by FRIESE specialists in the FRIESE factory. FRIESE Corrolls are manufactured on the most modern grinding machines with the highest precision. Thanks to CNC regulators on all our precision machinery, we can guarantee a uniformity of roundness better than 10 µm TIR.
We can also either induction harden rolls or nitride harden them.

Our machinery in a short view:

4 Waldrich profile grinding machines
5 Lathes
1 Hercules round grinding machine
2 CNC polishing machines
1 oven for nitride hardening
1 oven for heat treatment
1 Induction hardening machine
1 Roll welding machine
1 Sand blasting equipment
1 Automatic ROCKWELLE® coating equipment
1 Galvanic bath for removal of Tungsten Carbide Coatings
1 Half automatic measuring machine