FRIESE yesterday and today

The idea

The company was founded in 1992 by Joachim Friese and his son Bernardo. The idea was to use the know-how of  his elder brother Harald, who had already built up a roll manufacturing plant in Sao Paulo/Brazil, and to set up a new corrugating roll plant in Germany. Objective was to start activities on the European market.










New products on the way to the top

From the beginning customers' interests were top priority. Friese visited numerous box plants to learn their needs and requirements. The main wishes were less wear of the rolls and less waste in the production, which consequently lead to the first technical innovations at Friese. In addition to the normal processes of induction and nitride hardening, Friese  went a completely new way with tungsten carbide coatings of the roll surface. In 1996 our ROCKWELLE®-coating was introduced in Europe. 

By 1995 our patented internal heating system "CCS and Thermogrooves" was standard for FRIESE, significantly improving the heat transfer and reducing the thermal distortion after stops. 

The expansion of the company led to further technical innovation and development. The wearing resistance of the ROCKWELLE-coating was not only an immediate benefit to our customers but also was background for Friese R&D engineers to redesign the profiles of the corrugating flutes for an advanced performance. Stronger board could be produced with much less paper consumption. ROCKPROFILE was born.

Way to success in figures

In the first 10 years, FRIESE as a specialist and innovative manufacturer continuously  won increased market share and gained a technical leadership over other corrugating roll manufacturers. From the beginning up to our 10th anniversary, Friese invested more than 15 Mio. € in 3 halls covering 5000m², a large and modern machine park run by 60 highly skilled employees. At the same time Friese has focused also on being a safe working invironment for all its employees.

End of a chapter of the company's history – Start of a new one

The anniversary in 2002 was at the same time the end of one period in the company's history. Joachim Friese ended his daily responsibilities stepping back and allowing his son Bernardo Friese to become the new CEO of the company.