Rockwelle Coating

Tungsten Carbide Coating – One name, several faces

Our Corrugating Rolls are coated with Tungsten Carbide. This coating has very good adhesion to the base material and is extremely hard without becoming brittle. The surface wear is so infinitesimal that the geometry of the profile is stable throughout the long lifetimes of the corrugating rolls.

These positives are only valid for Friese ROCKWELLE®. Many other coatings, also "tungsten carbide" in name,have big variations in surface quality along with varying parameters in the coating process,ingredients and quality control.

We guarantee with our ROCKWELLE® optimal coating and profile stability, hardness and consequently lifetime of the rolls.

FRIESE is the only supplier, who manufacture this coating In-house, so that we are able to react quickly with flexibility to the wishes of our customers.

Rockwelle – S.P. Rockwell would have really delighted
In it.S.P. Rockwell is the inventor of the famous hardness test named after him. The hard coating ROCKWELLE® would probably have been of keen interest to him during his lifetime. So our coating ROCKWELLE is a late dedication to him and to his test.

Surface smoothness – 3 times better

The lifespan of ROCKWELLE rolls are 3 times higher than nitride hardened rolls and double as much as chromed rolls. The surface smoothness is like chrome (Ra < 0,3 µm). This is due to our special developed 3 – step polishing procedure.

In short, the advantages of ROCKWELLE® coating:
+ extremely long lifespan
+ stable profile geometry
+ optimised paper clearance, high production speed
+ lifetime increases by 200 %
+ reduction of roll cost by 30 %
+ reduction of cost per linear meter by 75 %

Additional advantage: Paper widths between 50 and 100 % of the working width can be produced without any restriction due to the coating.