Our ROCKPROFILE, a good choice for the long term

With the special shape of our ROCKPROFILE, you will get the Following advantages:

+ highest possible board quality over the whole lifetime due to the minimisation of the tension factor.
+ less fluting paper consumption due to reduction of the take up factor
+ Increase of board strength by up to 10 % especially on coarse flutes

A genius idea: Start of the optimisation is the fact, that the paper tension in the labyrinth between the corrugating rolls has to be as low as possible. This is the main reason for a good and stable board quality.
The geometry of the ROCKPROFILE meets this objective 100 % due to the optimised wrap angles.
The take-up factors and consequently the paper consumption decrease while the board strength stays or increases slightly.

Our profile suggestions include additional parameters like paper quality, type of single facer or speed range.
So you can be sure that we are looking always at your particular and special requirements.


We do not sell know-how just "off the peg". All our rolls are tailor made:
We design your corrugating rolls for your special needs, regarding type of single facer, paper condition, production speed and quality requirements.