CCS Thermogrooves

More heat for your production!

Because our CCS / Thermogrooves prevent an insulating condensate ring in the rolls the condensate is sucked out before it hinders the heat transfer. The result is a higher surface temperature.  In addition the rolls are dimensionally stable after a stop, so that no distortion occurs anymore.

This leads to following advantages for your production:
+ You can run higher production speed due to the better heat transfer and a better bonding of the board.
+ You can expect 2-5 % less paper consumption because there is no waste after stops, no distortion of rolls any more.
+ No maintenance, because the whole system needs no adjustment and no service.

The university of Coburg has made a test run with a conventional system and our CCS/Thermogrooves. The figures in the diagram show the temperature difference of the top and bottom of the corrolls as well as the distortion after a stop of 30 minutes.